Philips SureSigns VS3 Monitor Display Assembly Including Bezel, Buttons, LCD

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Philips SureSigns VS3 Monitor Complete Display Assembly

     Designed to make easy to fix for your busted VS3 Dis play.  This Complete Assembly has been cleaned, tested, and refurbished by our biomedical technician team, so it is ready to go!  This unit includes the button membrane pre-installed, Front bezel, LCD , LCD backlights, LCD Bracket, Navigation PCB, Navigation Wheel/knob, Inverter w/cable, Video Cable, & VS3 Logo/Badge   

Compatible Units:

  • Philips SureSigns VS3 Monitor

Included Reference Number(s): 453564015561, 453564025431, 453564026061, 453564015771, 453564124071, 453564039391, 453564136961, LCD Assembly

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