Philips M2601B/M4841A TRx Telemetry Battery Door for Option S01 ECG Only Units

SKU 453564007311

Philips Intellivue M4841A TRx / M2601B Telemetry  Battery Doors (Opt. S01/ECG Only)


     Ready to replace that broken hinge on your telemetry battery door.  One New Replacement Philips Intellivue Telemetry Battery Door. Tan or White.

Condition: New 

Compatible Devices:

  • Philips Intellivue M4841A TRx Telemetry Opt. S01 ECG Only Monitor
  • philips Intellivue M2601B Telemetry Opt. S01 ECG Only Monitor

OEM Part Numbers: 453564007291, 453564007311

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