Philips Intellivue MP30 Monitor HIF Board Assembly, Touchscreen Interconnect PCB (3M Microtouch Touch Glass) M8086-66461

SKU M8086-66461

Philips Intellivue MP30 Monitor (w/3M Microtouch Touch Glass) HIF Board Assembly


     Our refurbished Philips Intellivue MP30 Monitor HIF Touch Screen Display Board Assemblies have been tested, cleaned, and refurbished by our biomedical technician team.


Compatible with:

  • Philips Intellivue MP30 Monitor w/ELO Touchglass

Reference Number(s)M8086-66461 


Not sure which one you need?  

Which HIF Board you need depends on touchscreen, or lack of one.

Let us help you out!  


Monitor Setup - HIF Board Reference Number
MP30 with ELO Touchglass - M8086-66462

MP30 with 3M Microtouch Touchglass - M8086-66461 

MP20 (no touch) - M8086-66481, M8086-66482

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