Philips Intellivue MP20 Monitor HIF Board Assembly, Non-Touch M8086-66481

SKU M8086-66481

Philips Intellivue MP20 (Non-Touch) Monitor HIF Board Assembly


     Our refurbished Philips Intellivue MP20 Monitor HIF Interconnect Board Assemblies have been tested, cleaned, and refurbished by our biomedical technician team.


Compatible with:

  • Philips Intellivue MP20 Monitor (Non-Touch)

Reference Number(s)M8086-66481, M8086-66482


Not sure which one you need?  

Which HIF Board you need depends on touchscreen, or lack of one.

Let us help you out!  


Monitor Setup - HIF Board Reference Number
MP30 with ELO Touchglass - M8086-66462

MP30 with 3M Microtouch Touchglass - M8086-66461 

MP20 (no touch) - M8086-66481, M8086-66482

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