Masimo LNOP SpO2 Sensors, (Adult, Pediatric, etc.)

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Masimo LNOP SpO2 Pulse Oximetry Sensors


The Masimo LNOP SpO2 Finger Sensors can be used with additional patient extension cables enable you to connect LNOP sensors to a variety of pulse oximeters and multi-parameter monitors.


Reference Number: 

  • 3ft. (1269) LNOP DCI Adult Finger Sensor (0600-00-0047)
  • 3ft. (1276) LNOP DCIP Pediatric Finger Sensor
  • 3ft. (1794) LNOP TC-I Tip-Clip Sensor
  • 3ft. (1544) LNOP YI Multisite Sensor
  • 3ft. (1793) LNOP TF-I Forehead Sensor
These Sensors have been reconditioned, cleaned, and tested. In many cases the cables are new but may be out of box. These are Genuine Masimo Sensors and not generic.
All cables come with a 6 Month Warranty.

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