MAC 5500 HD Inverter Board PCB Assembly, MAC 3500 LVDS Drive Board

SKU 2016540-001

GE MAC 5500 HD Display Drive Board

    Refurbished and ready to install, one MAC 5500 HD Display Board/Backlight PCB/Video PCB.  These units have been refurbished, cleaned, and tested by our biomedical equipment technician team.  

Compatible Units:

 - GE MAC 5500 w/AUO V.1 LCD
 - GE MAC 3500

Reference Number: 2061540-001, 2061540001, GEME2061540-001



 This board is compatible with CPU board 801212-008 and it is not compatible with CPU boards 801212-007 or 801212-006. You should ensure which software versions are compatible with which CPU and Printed circuit boards before replace either board or upgrading your software.

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