GE Corometrics 171 Fetal Monitor System, 170 Series

SKU 0171AAT2
Optional Accessories

GE Corometrics 171 Fetal Monitoring System

Two Package Options

  • Only GE Corometrics 171 Fetal Monitor & Power Supply
    • Price: $1,475.00
  • GE Corometrics 171 Fetal Monitor, Power Supply & two transducer
    • (1) OEM 5700LAX/HAX Ultrasound Transducer
    • (1) OEM 2264LAX/HAX TOCO Transducer
    • Price: $1,775.00

These GE Corometrics 170 Series Fetal Monitoring Systems are Completely Refurbished and ready to go!

The Model 171 Monitor is Compact, & lightweight.  These monitors will help you effectively and efficiently care for mom and baby by accurately and noninvasively tracking baby’s heart rate for non-stress tests.


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