Philips IntelliVue M2601B/M4841A TRx+ Telemetry Transmitter ECG Block Flex Cable (S01, S02, S03), Assembly

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Philips M2601B/M4841A TRx+ Telemetry ECG Flex Cable Assembly

     Ready to repair your device  is our refurbished Philips IntelliVue M2601B/M4841A TRx+ telemetry transmitter ECG Block Flex Cable. This Flex Cable has been tested, cleaned, and refurbished by our biomedical technician team.

Compatible Devices:
Philips M2601B Telemetry Transmitter
- Options S01, S02, S03
Philips M4841a TRx+ Telemetry Transmitte
- Option S01, S02, S03 


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