Even a Biomedical is a Certified Biomedical Technician owned and managed company,

Here at Even Biomedical we know the in and outs of what we sell. We take pride in offering quality guaranteed parts, repairs, and equipment at a fraction of what the other guys sell them for.  In fact a lot of the parts you order from bigger companies may come from us.  When the bigger name companies come to us for parts, and equipment it lets us know not only are we priced very competitively but also that our attention to quality is where is needs to be.

We carry a wide range of parts for patient monitors, infusion pumps, fetal monitors, ekg machines, and a lot more.  We also carry parts for all the refurbished equipment that we sell.

In addition to parts we do a wide range of repairs either at flat rate cost or time and materials.  Our bench repair estimates are always FREE.

Contact us today and learn why more people are making Even Biomedical their one-stop-shop for biomedical service parts and repairs

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